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General Garbage
Trends in Garbage Volume

The graph on the left shows the trend in general garbage volume in the entire Okinawa prefecture from 1992 to 1996.Although the volume of garbage decreased after Naha City's five classification policy was implemented in 1995, the volume jumped again in the next year.Because local governments started to collect reusablu garbage and waste in 1997, the volume of garbage and waste is expected to decrease.

The volume of garbage per person
The volume of garbage per perlon in a day in the prefecture was 781g in 1980: however,that number became 1,040g in 1996.

The volume of garbage per person in a day = 1,040g

The 1996 total volume of garbage = 1,346g

is estimated.

Population Volume of Garbage
the Base Volume of Garbage
1992 1,255,972 1,274 1,014
1993 1,264,974 1,312 1,037
1994 1,276,799 1,348 1,056
1995 1,286,898 1,334 1,037
1996 1,295,762 1,347 1,040

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