Our Lives and Waste

Garbage continuing to hurt the earth

 We cannot live without wasting valuable natural resources and contaminating the earth.

 We are exposed to threats of global warming,destruction of ozone layer, dioxin and environmental hormone.

 It is time that we should be more cognizant of the gravity of living in environment-friendly manner.

 What we are now required is to change our life style and our ways of thinking about the environment and to try not to generate garbage.

Our money is paid for waste disposal

 Disposal cost of huge volume of waste created in our daily lives and through production activity is covered by our tax. Many local governments have a serious problem of increasing disposal cost every year.

 Okinawa prefecture, with a population of 1,310,000, spends 10 billion yen (about 100 million US dollars) annually in order to dispose waste, which means that each person in Okinawa spends 7,196 yen (about 70 US dollars) a year. The cost is 19,739 yen (about 190 US dollars) per ton.

 It seems like our money is gulped by garbage.

 Another problem is that we are running out of landfills.

 A vast amount of money could be necessary to obtain space to bury waste. At the same time we must protect the environment around waste dump sites and ensure safety of such sites more strictly than we do now.

 We are called on for reducing the amount of garbage in our daily lives in order to save our money. And to create a social system which makes us to reduce garbage is urgently necessary.  Waste Management Expenditure

Let's do something you can!

 The key to solving the garbage problem is that we do not buy disposable goods. It is also important to try not to generate garbage. Do you purchase excess packaged items or do you buy something without thinking of the environment? To establish a recycling conscious society, the first step we can easily take is to separate and collect recyclable products. And we should buy recycled items.

Reduce waste and lead an green-friendly life.

  1. Purchase refilled goods and returnable bottled products.
  2. Don't accept plastic bags at supermarkets.
  3. Enjoy flea markets or other events to promote recycling.

Purchase recycled goods.(Green Purchasing Movement)

 Unless you buy recycled goods, the recycling conscious society cannot be created. Increasing demand for recycled goods facilitates recycling campaign in general.

Learn how to recycle.

 To separate and collect garbage helps recycle more effectively. According to rules of each local government, you separate garbage and take it out at the right time and in the right place. There are many kinds of garbage which can be recycled and returned to materials.Separating garbage is not difficult thing to do for us, which leads to reducing the amount of garbage.



recyclable waste

toxic waste

large-sized discarded article

〜Mixing begets garbage, Classifying begets resource〜

 There is a kind of garbage which can be recycled into resources. To separate garbage is easy thing to do which lead to reducing the garbage.

※ Follows are examples to separate garbage. However the ways are different in each region. If you have a question, inquire the appropriate section of local government.

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