The Various Final Dumping Sites

These are so-called final dumping sites.
What do you think about them?

The Final Dumping Sites in Remote Islands
 Honestly speaking, the conditions of dumping sites in remote islands are terrible. As people's life styles change and development takes place, huge volumes of garbage are generated even in small islands. Tourists drop a lot of trash. Many manufactured products do not naturally decompose. Garbage and waste problems have become so serious that they can no longer be handled by an ancient practice of returning to the sacred sea of Nirai Kanai .
The people of the islands have begun to think about recycling garbage there. But transportation costs are so high that residents do not know where to start in dealing with the garbage problem.
 According to a report of the Health and Welfare Ministry which was published on March 6th,2000,illegal dumping sites are concentrated in remote islands and depopulated areas. The current state of affairs in which a single local government is forced to deal with garbage seems to have reached its limits. New social systems in which the citizens and business corporations equally share recycling burdens need to be dreaded quickly. Otherwise ,land scrapes such as below might be seen in many places in the 21th century Japan . It's scary.

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