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Awareness 3R
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The JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) is an implementation agency for technical cooperation of Japan's official development assistance (ODA). Its aim is to contribute to the socioeconomic development or the reconstruction of developing countries. JICA currently maintains offices in about 100 countries worldwide and is expanding activities in over 160 countries and regions.


The JICA Partnership Program (JPP) was introduced in 2002 to support and cooperate with the implementation of projects formulated by Japanese NGOs, Japanese local governments, and Japanese universities to utilize their accumulated knowledge and experience in assistance activities for developing countries.

JPP is a technical cooperation program implemented by JICA to contribute to the social and economic development of developing countries at the grass-roots level in collaboration with "Partners in Japan," such as NGOs, universities, local governments, and public corporations.


Project Title
This is the Project of Appraisal mission for JICA Partnership Program (JPP)”

The project title is “Plan and Operation of the Program to Promote Awareness for 3R of Solid Waste (Naha City Model)”

Target Area
Vietnam - Hoi An City, Natural resources and environmental Division

Ministry of Natural Resourse and Environment of Vietnam

Malaysia - Penampang District, Environmental Action Committee(EAC)

Okinawa Citizens' Recycling Movement
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